The Van Shaw legal team has more than 60 years combined experience successfully representing the critically injured or killed, homeowners, consumers, small businesses and major corporations.

Catastrophic Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

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Our team of professional and compassionate lawyers represent individuals and corporate clients with:

  • property damage
  •  injuries and death from automobile collisions
  • violations of the Texas Dram Shop Act
  • death caused by defectively products or insufficient warnings

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Construction Defect

The Law Offices of Van Shaw have successfully represented over 500 residential homeowners for:

  • improper design and construction of residential homes
  • breach of contract  by contractors, insurers and home warranty companies
  • improper insurance claims handling and wrongful denials of insurance coverage
  • violations of the Texas Insurance Code

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Our legal team understands that we need to respond aggressively on behalf of our clients for:

  • business disputes involving breach of contract
  • tortious interference for existing contracts and prospective business relations
  • fraud

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